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This in-depth course combines the latest cutting-edge sales techniques from around the world in one ultra-engaging package. The series consists of 25 modules, providing over 200 minutes of rich, in-depth sales expertise. It also features newly developed interactive elements specifically designed to increase engagement and learner enjoyment.

SALESPRO 3 is based on retail sales theory but can be tailored to specific client needs. The series comprehensively covers the sales process, from identifying customer needs to creating memorable demonstrations, all the way to dealing with objections, the art of upselling and ultimately, closing that all-important sale.


Motor Industry


Sales in the motor industry are highly competitive. SALESPRO 3 for Motor recognizes this and puts forward ground-breaking strategies to ensure sales success for your team.

The series consists of 25 modules of in-depth motor sales expertise and covers topics like how to close sales, cross-selling and upselling, dealing with complaints, identifying the 4 types of customers, putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, and most importantly, how to earn more commission!




Electronics Industry


If only selling electronics was as easy as using them! As an ambitious salesperson, you need a rigorous guide that conveys the fundamentals in a relatable and understandable way. This is exactly what SALESPRO 3 for the Electronics industry does.

Produced as high-definition, presenter-led video, this series equips you with essential sales expertise for the electronics industry. Consisting of 25 modules, SALESPRO 3 for Electronics covers topics like the truth about selling, opening the sale, dealing with different customers and how to create a meaningful sales experience.




Module 1: The truth about selling
Module 2: What does your customer really want?
Module 3: Preparing for sales success
Module 4: Creating a meaningful sales experience
Module 5: Introduction to the sales process
Module 6: Opening the sale
Module 7: Dealing with different customers
Module 8: Getting your customers to trust you
Module 9: Identifying your customers’ needs
Module 10: Asking the right questions
Module 11: Active listening
Module 12: Recommending and demonstrating
Module 13: Custom design your demonstration

Module 14: Making your demonstration memorable
Module 15: Put your customers in the story
Module 16: Selling on value
Module 17: How to create urgency
Module 18: How to identify buying signals
Module 19: Dealing with objections
Module 20: How to encourage commitment
Module 21: Negotiating the sale
Module 22: It’s a good time to cross-sell
Module 23: Celebrate the purchase
Module 24: After the sale
Module 25: Dealing with customer service

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