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Not only do we create bespoke e-Learning content for our clients, but we also continue to develop and produce our own suite of innovative training series. These courses can be used to supplement your own learning strategies or help with learner readiness training during the implementation phase.



Overview_LIFESKILLSWe proudly present to you our very own multilingual LifeSKills video library. This series is produced in high-definition video and boasts an extensive range of insights, tips and advice covering critical, life-changing issues.

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Overview_SALESPRO3Introducing our most advanced sales training video series ever – SalesPro 3. Produced in high-definition video, this series is packed with insights, tips and advice on how to sell like a pro.

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Consumer Protection Act

Overview_CPAThis series on the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) covers everything you need to know about what it involves and how it affects your industry. It covers the act’s aims, benefits, basic components and some examples of best practice, which you can apply to treat consumers appropriately at all times.

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