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This ground-breaking e-Learning experience, broken down into 6 courses, puts learners in touch with the vital tools and necessary skills to meet the challenges of everyday life. The 49 modules of life-changing content are all available in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu.

These 6 courses are available as individual courses, or as part of the LifeSkills box set which contains all series and all modules.

Basic First Aid


Living in South Africa can be hazardous. Not only does South Africa have a very high mor­tality rate, but it also has the highest number of annual road deaths in the world. Amongst other important topics, our basic first aid series offers practical information and invaluable skills on what to do when you’re involved, or encounter, a road accident. Knowing what to do at the scene can make all the difference. It may even save a life.

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Module 1: Introduction to basic first aid
Module 2: First aid in the home
Module 3: First aid out of the home
Module 4: First aid and road accidents – Part 1
Module 5: First aid and road accidents – Part 2


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