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This ground-breaking e-Learning experience, broken down into 6 courses, puts learners in touch with the vital tools and necessary skills to meet the challenges of everyday life. The 49 modules of life-changing content are all available in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu.

These 6 courses are available as individual courses, or as part of the LifeSkills box set which contains all series and all modules.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Prevention


No disease has affected more lives than the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Over 6 million people were living with the disease in 2012 and over 240,000 people died from related illnesses during this time. This in-depth series offers advice on all aspects of living and dealing with HIV/AIDS like the stages of infection, how to protect yourself, staying healthy and how to deal with the grief of losing a loved one. HIV/AIDS is just one series in a LifeSkills video series.

Lifeskills brochure pdf






Module 1: Introduction to HIV/AIDS
Module 2: What is HIV/AIDS?
Module 3: Stages of infection
Module 4: Protection
Module 5: How to protect yourself
Module 6: Testing HIV
Module 7: Living with HIV

Module 8: Staying healthy
Module 9: Foods you should eat
Module 10: How to deal with fear
Module 11: HIV in the workplace
Module 12: Coping with AIDS
Module 13: Helping with AIDS
Module 14: Dealing with grief

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