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This ground-breaking e-Learning experience, broken down into 6 courses, puts learners in touch with the vital tools and necessary skills to meet the challenges of everyday life. The 49 modules of life-changing content are all available in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu.

These 6 courses are available as individual courses, or as part of the LifeSkills box set which contains all series and all modules.

Human Rights and Responsibilities


South Africa’s history is defined by the battle for basic human dignity. In a democratic world, few can deny that we have one of the most liberal constitutions in the world. And knowing your rights and responsibilities is fundamental to maintaining a healthy democracy. This series sheds light on all basic human rights and responsibilities, and empowers you with all the knowledge you need to deal with all human rights related issues.

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Module 1: The right to equality
Module 2: The right to human dignity
Module 3: The right to life
Module 4: Children’s rights

Module 5: The right to education
Module 6: The right to work
Module 7: The right to freedom and security
Module 8: Socio-economic rights

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Ngwale Lenah Mokgadi says:

Many people still need Human Rights Commission especially those working in farms,people of Letlhakane village in Phela (Moses Kotane LM)are still under payed,when they become old their employers chase them with nothing n no UIF,especialy in Rakiertsdam farms,they claim that Labour Officials ended up in their employers houses were they drink teas n leave them unattended,their childre are not attending schools they just stay in farms with them.

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