HIV and AIDS Awareness and Prevention

HIV and AIDS Awareness and Prevention offers 14 ground-breaking online training courses providing the vital tools and necessary skills to meet the challenges of everyday life. In this series topics covered include learning to understand what HIV and AIDS is, how to cope with it if you or a loved one suffers from HIV or AIDS, and how you can look after yourself and prevent contracting it.

FUEL Catalogue of Content

catelogue_drugs_alcohol (1)

Drugs and Alcohol

12 Video Modules

catelogue_abuse_coping (5)

Abuse and Coping Mechanisms

5 Video Modules

catelogue_human_rights (1)
catelogue_first_aid (1)

Basic First Aid

5 Video Modules


Basic Banking

5 Video Modules


Time Management

14 Video Modules


Interact with Customers

12 Video Modules

catelogue_seta_customer_service_skills (1)
catelogue_seta_communication_skills (1)

Communication Skills

22 Video Modules


SalesPro Motor

25 Video Modules


SalesPro Electronics

25 Video Modules

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