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Who we are

The right training is vital to the improved performance of every organisation; accepting mediocre results is no longer necessary. Technology integration enables us to deliver the best training intervention to every individual in an organisation, driving performance, measuring compliance and ensuring user adoption – no matter where they are located.

FUEL has more than 23 years’ experience in delivering bespoke ‘Software as a Service’ e-learning solutions that are perfectly suited to Africa. Through our full-service solution, we enable effective online training delivery to countries and companies with connectivity limitations and highly dispersed, white collar and low-literate workforces, ensuring that we reach every client’s brand representative.

FUEL About Us

Our solution comprises of Hardware (training kiosks), an LMS platform with full reporting for all levels of the business, integration into ERP or HRMS systems as needed, project-based content development, deployment of content to devices, academy management and a learner support centre.

FUEL has the experience to manage and implement ongoing training initiatives into developing world territories where operations need to be sustained, often with limited IT infrastructure. Our robust Learning Management System is uniquely set up to serve as a global communication platform that can reach all of your learners to ensure knowledge distribution.

What we do and how we do it  

FUEL creates, implements and manages online learning academies. We do this effectively and efficiently, seamlessly integrating our training system into your current offering, or creating an offering to suit your circumstances. We ensure that training material is delivered ‘just-in-time’ to everyone who needs it when they need it, where they need it, assuring an exacting standard, and a sustainable, measurable solution that delivers absolute control.






Training Interventions




By enabling everyone to receive the best training from the best trainers at the correct time, we ensure outcomes are always of the highest standard.

Our extensive experience in creating and managing online learning academies for both local and global clients puts us in a unique position. By combining world-class, cutting-edge technologies with the practicalities of developing countries’ IT infrastructure, we are able to deliver a comprehensive solution that is innovative and engaging, yet accessible to even the most remote learner.


“The benefits of online training are multiple, consistently helping businesses to achieve their goals. An LMS allows you to implement effective training, that an employee is able to complete at their own pace, in their own time. This means that your training programme has the benefits of being affordable (limited travel time and training costs), timesaving, non-disruptive, and consistent.”

– Craig Reid, CEO