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Human Rights and Skill Development

Education is a fundamental human right and the foundation upon which other
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Creating e-Learning for English Second-Language Learners

At FUEL, we specialise in creating engaging e-Learning lessons for English
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Improve Learner Engagement with Gamification

The online training landscape is constantly evolving and looking for ways to
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FUEL Welcomes Avatar Presenters

An engaging e-learning experience relies on good video content. The simple
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Social Change Starts with Education

With Mandela Month drawing to a close, the global focus is on social change and
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FUEL Proudly Presents Virtual Reality Training

The days of books, pencils and pens is fast become a thing of the past. FUEL
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Learn to sell like a pro with SalesPro 3

FUEL’s SalesPro 3, the third edition of our hugely successful SalesPro
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Time Management Skills Training

Time is more valuable than money. While individuals can earn more money, but
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FUEL delivers positive results with HIV Awareness content

With our comprehensive 14-module series covering HIV and AIDS, FUEL wants to
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BEE Points for Training

Finding someone who has never heard about BEE is difficult these days, but
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