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Create a thriving community platform for your members

Creating an environment which allows for interaction and engagement with members on an ongoing basis, while allowing them to connect with each other and provide valuable, transparent feedback, has immeasurable value.

Our easy-to-use software provides an opportunity to nurture advocates and publicly acknowledge them for their engagement. Optimising engagement should be a priority, as it increases retention rates, improves user collaboration, promotes the community, breeds innovation and increases member satisfaction. To meet your community’s strategic goals, FUEL has created a unique peer-to-peer platform that integrates best-of-breed technology to enable members to learn, interact with peers, participate in virtual events, enjoy a gamified learning experience and have access to key documents and communications, all in one place.

Creating and nurturing a dynamic online community is invaluable and quickly becoming an essential element in building loyalty amongst members in ways that were previously unavailable.


A place to engage with your members, and where members can engage with each other


Create and run successful online events

Easily plan, promote, and implement events of any size.


Host unforgettable webinars

The platform provides members with a seamless experience giving them access to shared notes and live peer-to-peer interactions.

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Turn your webinars into networking events

Encourage members to interact one-on-one through chats and information sharing, to develop a long-lasting membership community.

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Superior e-learning experience

Control how members view your organisation, tailor the look and configure member engagement. Manage access through groups and offers to different membership tiers within the community.

Investment in a community platform is a cost effective way of increasing engagement, building loyalty and boosting membership


Manage your community from anywhere

A mobile-responsive community platform allows engagement with members globally. Manage
member restrictions, collect payments, and host successful events easily, no matter your location.


Gain new members smoothly

Provide members a hassle-free registration process, as well as access to various membership types of their choosing. Member information is seamlessly captured into the community platform for easy member nurturing.


Grow and retain your community

Give your members a sharing experience which reflects the culture of your organisation, a place where they can see their impact. The platform encourages and equips members with the tools they need to refer new members and get rewarded.


Membership renewals and retention 

Drive community revenue with hassle-free membership renewals. The software is designed to enhance member retention through long lasting relationships, and valuable networking opportunities.


Customisable branding
Multi-language platform
Active member participation
Engaging tools & functionality
Simple & intuitive UI
Superior e-learning experience
Advanced event management and planning
Membership acquisition and management
On-demand webinars
Sophisticated community analytics
Peer-to-peer networking
Mobile accessibility


Benefits of a Community


Member acquisition and social growth

A community platform helps to build awareness of your organisation and enhance its reputation through member activity. Offering membership services through a centralised community platform will encourage members to refer others and grow membership through valuable networking opportunities.


Reduced marketing spend

A community platform creates an environment where your organisation is able to connect and engage with its members to build long-term relationships. An established relationship with members benefits the entire organisation and reduces the resources required to retain and grow membership.


Reduced recruitment spend

Access to a community platform ensures access to high quality individuals in your field. The value gained from recruiting via dedicated community platforms far exceeds the return from traditional recruiting methods.


Value to members

One of the most effective ways to grow an organisation is simply by improving value to members. Creating a community platform where members are able to share information and experiences, network, and enhance long lasting relationships, will all increase loyalty, cement culture and, ultimately, improve their membership experience.