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Through our extensive experience in building online training academies, we have identified the training gaps that face your frontline workforce. Our course library provides training programmes that develop essential skills, knowledge, and behaviours.

Each training programme is designed specifically for the needs and abilities of a frontline workforce training in a workplace environment. This engaging, standardised training experience uses online training best practices to maximise learning while minimising downtime and the impact of staff turnover.

Drugs and Alcohol online training courses

Drugs and Alcohol

12 Video Modules

Abuse and Coping online training courses

Abuse and Coping Mechanisms

5 Video Modules

Human Rights and Responsibilities online training courses
HIV & AIDS training courses

HIV Awareness and Prevention

14 Video Modules

Basic First Aid online training courses

Basic First Aid

5 Video Modules

Basic Banking online training courses

Basic Banking

5 Video Modules

Time Management online training courses

Time Management

14 Video Modules

interact with customers online training courses

Interact with Customers

12 Video Modules

Apply Customer Service Skills online training courses
Communication skills online training courses

Communication Skills

22 Video Modules

Sales pro motor online training courses

Sales Pro Motor

25 Video Modules

sales pro electronics online training courses

Sales Pro Electronics

25 Video Modules