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FUEL in a Box

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Course Management


Our short, engaging pre-loaded modules ensure that staff receive all the immediately applicable knowledge they require to excel at their jobs, without needing to take much time away from the day-to-day job tasks.

LifeSkills Courses

Provide your staff with the knowledge and skills they need to develop good habits for long-term success with our pre-loaded LifeSkills curricula. Ultimately, healthy and motivated staff will improve the profitability of your business.

Skills Specific Training

Impact your business’ bottom line with service-station content that addresses your staff’s primary training needs. Our FUEL in a Box service is capable of hosting group or brand specific training or product knowledge.


SETA-aligned Training

Our pre-loaded SETA-aligned workplace skills content will equip your staff with the latest tools in the field of customer service. It will also promote higher staff productivity and better communication whilst benefiting your business.

Skills Development Levy

Our pre-loaded SETA-aligned workplace skills content enables you to claim back a portion of the Skills Development Levy (SLD) paid to SARS. Help your business, and your staff, through our easy-to-use FUEL in a Box offering.

BB-BEE Scorecard Rewards

In conjunction with your BEE verification agency, improve your BEE scorecard by capitalising on your SETA-aligned training expenses, whilst instilling valuable skills into your staff that they can apply when doing their jobs.

Administration Management

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Self-service User Management

Administrators have full control over adding and removing staff to assigned training. Adding staff is quick and easy to do; managers or supervisors can be nominated to do this to reduce administrative overhead to the business.

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Comprehensive Reporting

You can generate reports on-demand as and when required through our self-service admin portal.
Reporting allows you to track who is training, when they are training and if there are any areas they are struggling with.

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Scheduled Reporting

Reports are sent via email so you can conveniently keep up to date with everything that is happening within your e-learning environment, ensuring you know what happened, by whom and when, without needing to access the admin portal.



Flexible Contract Duration

You are not locked into a long-term contract, empowering you to make your own decision on training without waiting on Head Office to provide training. Cancel at any time, no questions asked.

No-fuss Debit Order

Our no-fuss debit order is simple and secure. Select a debit order to reduce the manual monthly payment administration of invoices in your business.

Device Ownership

FUEL in a Box has three device ownership options, all with the flexibility to choose the option that suit you best. Ensure you are in control of costs and know what you are in for up-front.

Learning Experience


Staff Training

Using e-learning to train your staff is more cost-effective than traditional on-site training methods, as well as more time effective and less admin intensive. However, where required, it can work in conjunction with on-site training for a blended learning experience.

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Increase Productivity

With training, staff are more productive, effective, engaged and confident. This means less absenteeism, reduced staff turnover and more profits for your service station. Increase your client satisfaction by as much as 7% with the FUEL in a Box offering.

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24/7 Access

Learners have continuous 24/7 access to training at any time of the day with no additional costs associated to repeat training of modules. 24/7 access all ensures that new employees have immediate access to the knowledge they require to hit the ground running.

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Comprehensive Assessments

Assessments help you track your staff’s progress and identify any knowledge gaps you need to address. FUEL in a Box offers support for multiple types of questions and a variety of test types. Simple and comprehensive reporting available to track learner progress.

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Easy-to-use Training App

Learners require no training on how to use the FUEL in a Box app. Our app guarantees an easy-to-use experience. If learners do struggle to familiarise themselves with the usability, introductory videos on how to use the device and app, as well as how to complete assessments are included.

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Learner Support

Our helpful and friendly Support Consultants are available Monday to Friday to help with any aspects of the training or system. Additionally, we offer SMSs to staff to help drive adoption of the training by reminding them when they are not training and congratulating them when they are.


Easy-to-use Device

An easy-to-use touch screen tablet ensures that staff don’t need to know how to use a computer in order to complete their training. A touch screen device mimics the experience learners have when using their smart phone, or the POS system, ensuring familiarity.

Optional on-site Support

FUEL in a Box comes with optional hassle-free support of hardware. We assist with all admin ensuring that you don’t have to take the tablet to a repairer, or courier it to a repairer, for diagnosis. A dedicated technician will visit your service station.


Remote Device Management

Your device is locked down to the training app to avoid abuse of your service station’s Wi-Fi and to ensure that the device is used solely for training purposes. The lockdown speeds up the troubleshooting process.


Our straightforward easy-to-install heavy-duty bracket and padlock gives you peace of mind that your investment is protected. The small footprint of the bracket saves space and allows you to install it in the staff kiosk.