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FUEL Learn

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Course Management

Content Friendly

Build courses by adding your existing training material or presentations, create new courses, upload web-based content, or buy and consume ready-made video content on a variety of topics, from the FUEL Marketplace.


Support for the latest industry standard in content interoperability to make your training more efficient and engaging, whilst enhancing your courses.

Comprehensive Assessments

Support for multiple types of questions and a variety of test types. Simple and comprehensive reporting available to track learner progress.

Learner Pathways

Restrict the way that courses can be completed, or course content can be viewed, based on learner designation and training requirements.


Learning Experience

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The FUEL LMS offers bulletin functionality which enables the sending of targeted messaging to any level of the organisational structure if they are registered on the system.


Learner Support

FUEL is committed to the successful use and adoption of our e-learning system. Extensive learner support available through support contact numbers, SMS notifications, and Help files.

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Learner Collaboration

The FUEL LMS offers a Forum feature whereby learners are able to communicate with tutors, trainers or their peers to further enhance their learning experience. 

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Events & Webinars

Live training events can either be in-person training events or virtual Webinars. Moderators can assess a learner based on active participation and integrate the results into the learner’s history.

Administration Management


A sophisticated reporting dashboard allows you to know about everything within your e-learning environment, ensuring you have a timeline for what happened, by whom and when.

User Types

Limit users’ access to certain functionalities and course content via custom user types like Subscriber Admin, Content Manager (with purchase permission), and Content Manager.

Bulk Actions

Reduce your administrative overhead with bulk actions, like importing multiple users at the same time using our comprehensive User Import Template.


Course Marketplace

Buy and consume ready-made video content on a variety of topics from the FUEL Marketplace, to offer your learners an enriched training experience.


Use automated SMS communication to offer training reminders to learners.  Additionally, automated scheduled reporting, self-registration and automated password recovery is also supported. 

Stress Free Admin

Choose our Enterprise solution to be assigned an Account Manager who will be available for meetings, workshops, customised reporting, and as an escalation point for all queries and concerns.


FUEL Learn Customosable


Create your LMS using your own domain, logo, and company look and feel. Add content, or purchase select courses from the Marketplace, for a bespoke learning experience.

FUEL Learn Themeable


Customise the look and feel of your portal. Ensure you are in line with your company CI for a fully themeable learning experience.