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Human risk management platform

OutThink is a revolutionary Human Risk Management Platform (SaaS) empowering CISOs by targeting the source of 90% of all data breaches: human behaviour.

OutThink starts by turning security awareness on its head: targeted training that not only educates, but allows you to learn from your people. Then it goes further. Combining human intelligence with data from existing security systems reveals unique patterns of risk across your organisation. Visualise risk, target interventions and prevent data breaches like never before.

This is predictive human risk intelligence.


Go beyond security awareness training to visualise risk, target interventions and prevent data breaches like never before.


Targeted training

Effective security awareness training individually allocated based on employee needs and risk. More security, more productivity.

Real insight

OutThink doesn’t just teach your people, it learns from them: feedback, intention, sentiment and engagement analysis. Measure human risk, from individual to company level.

The complete picture

Proprietary algorithms designed by our cyber-security experts leverage existing data sources (antivirus, web filters, email DLP) to measure real security behaviours. Catalyse your existing security assets.

Just the beginning…

Who is not behaving securely and why? How to address it? Data provides the foundation for risk decision making and treatment prioritisation.

Immediate actions, proven results

From bespoke interventions to group-wide automations, OutThink is the first security platform that puts CISOs in control.

Entire Organisation

Measure & understand your human risk

What is your entire organisation’s level of risk from employees and most importantly, why is this happening?


Identify high-risk departments

Which departments, groups or teams are ignoring security policies and why?


Identify high-risk users

Who are your high-risk employees, what segments do they fall into and how do you re-engage with them?


Suggested actions: from department to employee

OutThink will provide both automated and manual targeted interventions from historically proven risk treatment methods from company level to the individual.

Measure impact and
escalate interventions

See your organisation’s human risk profile change in real-time and investigate further if security behaviours do not improve.

Learn what works, and
apply across organisation

Track improvements and continue to deliver proven targeted interventions across the company to prevent data breaches.

Prevent data breaches by understanding your people. If you believe in building sustainable security, it’s time to OutThink.