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Education: The Role of Parents

South Africa has the opportunity to begin a new chapter for future generations right here, right now. As a part of the shift towards creating a brighter future for the youth, educationalists are placing more and more focus on the importance of the parents’ involvement in their child’s education.

Recent research shows that children whose parents have been involved in their education are more successful in their studies, and in life. In our modern, time-pressured society, setting aside time to familiarise yourself with your child’s school curriculum is not easy. However, the most significant type of involvement is what parents do at home. By monitoring, supporting and advocating, parents can be engaged in ways that ensure that their children have every opportunity for success.

Involvement can be something as simple as ensuring that your child eats healthily and regularly so that they are able to think to the best of their ability and engage with their school work. For younger children, arranging play dates will help them develop social skills.

Alternatively, parents could ensure that their children have access to interactive games, which will help to stimulate their thinking and develop their creativity – all of which is part of their education. Often a child will remember teachers long after they have left the classroom. Even this dims in comparison to the lasting impression a parent can make in a child’s willingness to learn.

It’s clear that it will take much more than a functional education system to turn around the future of our children. They need their parents too. By engaging with their children and making sure that they are in the best possible position to succeed, parents can form a meaningful part of the solution. This is just one way in which we can think about educating our children holistically, rather than expecting a simple solution that involves good policy and decision making from our government.

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