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Embrace the Power in your Pocket

The days of silent classrooms and blindly copying from textbooks will soon be something found only in the pages of history. Technology has fast become a large part of our day-to-day lives, and it has now found its way into classrooms. Over the past decade, technology has been steadily changing how teachers approach teaching. No one can deny that the change is a positive one!


Embracing technology engages students

By removing the taboo placed on technology in the classroom and embracing it instead, teachers are expanding their skill beyond traditional, text-based learning and engaging students who learn better in other ways. Technology has an undeniably positive influence on learning, it is a versatile learning tool that has changed how teachers teach, allowing them to give students the freedom to discover solutions by themselves. Teachers now possess the ability to explain ideas that are too big or small, too slow or fast, to show in a classroom setting.


Through technology teachers have the ability to see exactly how well their students understand them. Take a project for example. In the past a teacher would give their students a project to complete. The students would then hand it in and get it back a few days later when the teacher had finished marking it. More often than not it would only be discussed weeks later, if ever. Now, teachers have the ability to follow a students’ project while it is being worked on. This means that they are able to guide how a student learns by changing how they teach that student.


Technology has created interactive learning spaces

In the not too distant future, classrooms will be spaces for interactive learning. Spaces where teachers help to guide their learners through information and the learning journey, rather than having them learn parrot-fashion from textbooks. Many teachers have already embraced the change, with the generation of Millenials coming out of their classrooms with a huge amount of knowledge and a well-developed ability to solve solutions independently. With a combination like this we are undeniably on the path to success!

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