FUEL delivers positive results with HIV Awareness content - FUEL

FUEL delivers positive results with HIV Awareness content

With our comprehensive 14-module series covering HIV and AIDS, FUEL wants to raise awareness about the HIV epidemic in households across South Africa. HIV and AIDS is a serious health threat that burdens communities globally. This is especially the case in South Africa as our country has the highest occurrence of HIV infections than any other country in the world.

To address this epidemic, behavioural and social change is necessary. This involves a long-term process of raising awareness about the disease and the factors that perpetuate it. Although many of the factors that drive the HIV epidemic can only be resolved through wide-spread economic growth and social equality, there is important work to be done through community-based learning.

With the HIV Awareness and Prevention series, FUEL endeavours to create social change. The FUEL Learning Management System (LMS) makes it easy for learners to access crucial information concerning HIV prevention, protection and treatment. The FUEL LMS enhances the learning experience with high-quality video modules and post video assessments.

The HIV Awareness and Prevention series promotes the importance of raising awareness about the power of proactive counselling, testing and treatment. To achieve this, we urge individuals to take their knowledge back home as an effective way to empower the community.

Through learning, we can challenge many of the misconceptions regarding HIV and AIDS in our communities. These dangerous misbeliefs play a major role in perpetuating the HIV epidemic. It is of the utmost importance that our society promotes a compassionate as well as an informed attitude towards those who are tragically affected by HIV. This is exactly what FUEL has set out to do.

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