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FUEL Welcomes Avatar Presenters

An engaging e-learning experience relies on good video content. The simple formula of relevant scripts, complementary graphics, and high-quality footage results in excellent video content. This happens to be an excellent tool for capturing and holding the learner’s attention.


At FUEL, we take pride in using presenter-to-camera as one of our main production methodologies for video content. Through this approach, we rely on the presenter to guide our learners through their learning journey. Although this methodology has proven to be effective, it includes a number of disadvantages.


Cost is the number one downside of producing presenter-to-camera video content. This is a result of involving various role players in the production process. To be exact, a presenter, a producer, a teleprompter operator, a sound engineer, a make-up artist, a cameraman and a script supervisor. On the back of this, provision needs to be made for catering,  transportation and, most importantly, studio.


In an endeavour to offer a wider range of solutions to our clients, FUEL is working on introducing realistic 3D avatar presenters. This technology is a result of the latest developments in the 3D sphere. Simply put, a sophisticated camera scans the facial movements of a predefined human subject and feeds this data to a 3D software. In turn, the software imports this data into a 3D avatar model thus causing it to replicate every facial movement of the human subject in real time.


This technology will considerably reduce the cost of producing presenter-to-camera content. In practical terms, in place of using an extensive crew, only a script supervisor, sound engineer and voice artist are required. Similarly, instead of renting a studio, content can be produced in any quiet environment.


Affordability is not the only advantage! More often than not, studio footage needs to be re-recorded for various reasons. Using an avatar presenter means recapturing sections of the content without having to use a green screen and setting up studio lights. Consequently, a full day in studio becomes two hours.


This initiative promises to streamline content production and reduce costs. FUEL will carry on working on this new approach with the goal of continuing to provide engaging content to our learners.

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