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Human Rights and Skill Development

Education is a fundamental human right and the foundation upon which other rights are built on. Without education, an individual may not realise their true potential. Basic education is one of the areas identified by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) to fulfil its mandate of promoting, protecting and monitoring the realisation of all human rights in South Africa effectively.

With this in mind, the SAHRC published a charter with the intent of ensuring quality education for all South African children. While this charter is admirable (and necessary), it will take many years for learners to be provided with a decent, solid education while the charter’s ambitions for literacy and numeracy take root. In the 5 years since the charter has been published, matriculants continue to enter the workforce with very limited literacy skills – virtually illiterate without the skills to pursue either a tertiary education or an artisan career successfully.

Corporate Responsibility and Skills Development

With this shortfall, responsibility has fallen on corporate businesses in South Africa to train current or prospective employees who are equally deserving of their human rights.

Several blue-chip businesses and multinationals in South Africa have realised that Adult Education and Training (AET) is the only way currently to bridge the gap between what should have been achieved at school and what needs to be learned to function as an employee, contribute to the economy and society. By corporate businesses providing skills and undertaking training programmes, they are assisting employees in realising their human right to a decent education.

FUEL Offers BEE Aligned Training and e-Learning Skill Development Solution

FUEL provides a training solution that will allow you to create this opportunity for your employees. We specialise in building, implementing and supporting online learning academies for prominent South African companies with a large, highly distributed workforce. We offer various solutions, including our tablet-based learning solution that caters for all kinds of learning environments.


Our solution involves the deployment of an end-to-end e-Learning solution consisting of on-site hardware and connectivity, e-Learning software systems, learner and hardware support and engaging video based learning content into the stores as a FUEL service offering.


The latest BEE codes of good practice require that companies that generate an excess of R50m revenue need to now spend up to 6% of their payroll on recognized skills development initiatives. The entire FUEL end-to-end solution is a comprehensive BEE skill development investment, providing learning sites with access to all the necessary hardware, support, systems and training content required. The solution is delivered to all sites providing comprehensive access to our learning management system for all sites and staff at no extra cost. Finally, we also offer a facilitated training learnership programme to complete the SETA assessment and certification process.

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