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Online Training: Buzzwords to Treat with Caution

With online training becoming the new norm, plenty of businesses are eager to benefit. However, jumping onto a new trend without sufficient thought and planning usually ends with the failure of what could otherwise have been a successful initiative. In the worst case, it could completely hinder your company’s training process.

Four buzzwords, or hot trends, in the online training landscape you should approach with caution are: virtual reality (VR), gamification, artificial intelligence (AI) and microlearning.

Virtual Reality

Although the idea of incorporating virtual reality into your training is impressive, it requires an exceptionally clear vision of how it will be used in practice. Conceptually, the idea of placing users into a simulated environment where they need to ‘perform’ their task seems like a brilliant way to get them developing skills, you need to ask; ‘is it the most effective of efficient way to meet the learning goal?

Another factor to keep in mind, is the implementation of a VR system on a scale large enough to make it accessible for all users requiring training. Ultimately you need to decide if VR would achieve your desired outcome, and how effectively it will help your learners meet the training goal.


Gamification is the buzzword of the moment right now, with retail giants publishing their successes. Where it certainly improves engagement and motivation levels, caution should be used when applying too much of a ‘snakes and ladders’ approach to your training. However, don’t let this deter you from adding an interactive element to your training content. Provided the element is relevant to the content, and will aid the training experience, gamification can be beneficial.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Although the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ conjures images of robotic humanoids offering training to learners, this is far from the case. AI is highly developed tech that is still beyond the reach of the learning and development landscape. AI requires substantial investment but no guarantees on the return. However, if you are prepared to make the investment and believe it will benefit your training programme, do not let the untested status of AI deter you from implementing it into your business.


Microlearning: the term that seem sto accompany all online training programmes. The concept – organizing content to suit the modern lifestyle and shortened attention spans – still holds true. However, as ‘microlearning’ has grown in popularity, some of its original concept has been lost. It has now become a buzzword that is tossed around with little of the actual founding principles applied. Ensure that you are correctly using the microlearning principles to properly benefit from it.

Although we should sue caution when getting dazzled by the latest training buzzword, one this is clear: users are looking for better learning experiences. Work with a trusted training provider to find which learning experience will bets suit your organisation.

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