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Time Management Skills Training

Time is more valuable than money. While individuals can earn more money, but no one can earn more time. As a result, organisations are focusing on achieving more with less and, as a result, become more competitive. To help your organization, we designed a training series on time management skills and aligned it to a SETA-accredited unit standard. What’s more, we followed a simplistic instructional design approach centred on high learner engagement and knowledge retention. Ultimately, effective time management results in an empowered workforce focused on increasing overall efficiency, which impacts your bottom line.

Whether we assign a Rand value to time or not, it is undeniable that time is a valuable asset. Most individuals complain about not having enough time to complete all the tasks in their lists. The reality is that no matter how effectively individuals divide their time, there are only 24 hours in a day. As a result, it is crucial that individuals manage this limited resource in the best possible way.

Time management is a field that helps individuals and organizations to achieve more. In actual fact, businesses that encourage their staff to implement time management tools and concepts experience an increase in overall performance. This is valid across the board from top management to floor staff.

To ensure that our training has the proper credentials, we designed our series in line with a SETA-accredited unit standard. This means that should you want to qualify your staff members for credits for a SETA accredited qualification, this series can function as a comprehensive supplement that assists with the completion of the learners’ workbooks and preparation for summative assessment.

Our instructional design approach was simplistic. In essence, it was broken down using the life of a character and the various challenges he had to face in his professional and personal life. This was used as a platform for exemplification, which was consistently used across all video courses in this series. With this, we intend to will facilitate understanding regarding the various facets of time management in everyday situations. This association with real-life experiences ultimately will result in a content that is easy to follow and retain. Moreover, the various examples demonstrate how easily learners can implement the concepts and tools examined in the series.

In terms of production methodology, we’ve used presenter to camera and animated illustrations to enrich the learning experience. In addition, we’ve used animated infographics to connect simple concepts which are explored progressively to explain complex concepts.

The series start by addressing the need begin with a goal in mind. In other words, learners are exposed to the concept that only by setting a clear goal can an individual have a point of reference to determine how effectively they are managing their time. Subsequently, the content unpacks the various ways of dealing with daily tasks through prioritisation and careful planning. In contrast, it also touches on ways of handling unplanned and often ‘urgent’ tasks. Fundamentally, our content intends to equip learners with concepts and tools that enable them to better manage their time.

Talking about time management, online training is becoming the norm because of its potential to improve efficiency. Not only because your workforce does not have to leave the workplace to receive training, but also because no travelling and accommodation costs are to be incurred. In addition to that, our video courses are short and focus on ensuring an impactful training experience. Ultimately, knowledge is power! So, why not empower your staff?

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