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Content Creation

Create impactful, SCORM-compliant training modules

Create great e-learning content with FUEL! Ensure your learners receive the best e-learning experience with impactful modules, designed specifically to meet their needs.

FUEL’s content creation offering is perfectly suited to deliver training development to today’s innovative companies who want to provide their learners with the best, most effective training available. With a comprehensive consultation and training needs analysis process, combined with cost-efficient delivery, FUEL’s offer is unmatched in allowing you to make the most training impact, at the lowest price.

Our initial consulting phase allows us to engage with you to determine your needs, and what you would like to achieve with your training content. Moving forward, we assist you with your training curricula development to ensure that your learners are receiving a comprehensive training experience which enables them to achieve the outcomes set by you. Once we have established that the learning experience meets your needs, production of your training content can begin, using one of our established methodologies that you have selected to bring the learning experience to life.

Our Methodologies

FUEL offers a range of production methodologies to suit you. Our focus is on meeting the needs of your learners, whilst matching your organization’s training objectives efficiently and cost-effectively.

Content Creation Presenter


Presenter-to-Camera is one of the most effective ways of conveying information to learners. Using a professional presenter to drive the learning experience increases learner engagement.

Content Creation Animation


Animation is an ideal tool for simplifying complex concepts, thus facilitating learners’ understanding of the content. Animation effectively describes processes and abstract concepts.

Content Creation Cutaways

Video Cutaways

Video is perfect for showing emotions and behaviours. Due to its visual richness, this approach is effective in reducing cognitive load which ultimately promotes information retention.

Content Creation Images

Still Images

Stills are a cost-effective approach to knowledge transmission. Excellent photography, appealing colour combinations and visual effects result in engaging learning experiences.