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FUEL Learn

Create and manage your own fully customisable LMS

Power your training with a fully customisable Learning Management System.

FUEL’s Learning Management System (LMS) powers training for today’s innovative organisation. With the capacity to scale to an infinite number of users, comprehensive reporting functionality, and an easy-to-use, customisable interface, FUEL offers a streamlined solution to your training needs, no matter the size of your organisation.


FUEL offers training professionals everything needed to manage a successful training programme from one secure, centralised environment. A cloud-based solution that seamlessly marries virtual, classroom, mobile and social learning, the FUEL LMS, along with FUEL Co-Lab, empowers training departments, sales and service leaders, safety and compliance managers, and HR teams to collaborate, author, distribute and track online training courses, as well as schedule and track employee skills development.

FUEL’s LMS’ ease-of-use frees up Learning and Development teams to focus their energy on aligning training to a company’s strategic goals, rather than getting bogged down in the detail of having to train learners onsite. The implications of this are:

Rapid deployment
Software development cost savings
Reduced IT infrastructure costs
Lower ongoing training administration overheads
Monitoring and measurement of training and effectiveness

Every learner is unique

Therefore, every solution requires a strategic approach that will ensure that your L&D strategy is in line with achieving your business goals. We ensure that your company gets the benefit of best practice from day one.


FUEL’s unique Learner Management System (LMS) has been developed to ensure that all users are constantly engaged in a dynamic, yet cost-effective manner and are continually assessed against their roles and given the required training at the right time in accordance with their learning pathways.

The LMS is cloud based – providing unsurpassed uptime availability in Microsoft Azure – and requires no additional hardware, software or expertise on the client side. It is underpinned by a robust, scalable and efficient technological infrastructure.. This results in a customizable, flexible and user-friendly learning experience.

For low bandwidth environments, the FUEL LMS provides content distribution to the edge of the network for an unsurpassed user experience when engaging with learning content.


Course content is SCORM compliant and results can be transmitted to the customer’s HR Training system (requires bespoke integration). The content is comprised mainly of broadcast quality video that can be viewed directly on user’s desktops or touchscreen terminals where users do not have access to a PC. FUEL employs a distributed architecture in its LMS to ensure that rich media content is accessible regardless of bandwidth limitations.

Training result messages are SMS ready; the trainee enters their mobile number into the system and receives both congratulatory, and motivational SMS messages depending on the outcome of the training course completed.

Reporting is provided utilizing a robust Data Ware House (DWH). The option of extending the basic reporting requirements is catered for by leveraging powerful Business Intelligence software against the DWH to provide insights into training trends and patterns not evident through conventional reporting mechanisms.


FUEL’s LMS has all the tools needed for an easy-to-use training experience for all. Effective and sophisticated e-learning is what we promise.

FUEL Learn Customosable


Create your LMS using your own domain, logo, and company theme. Add content, or purchase select courses from the Marketplace, for a bespoke learning experience.

FUEL Learn Content creation

Content Creation

Add your existing training material or presentations, or create new courses, and custom learner assessments, for a thorough training experience.

FUEL Learn easy reporting

Easy-to-use Reporting

Our sophisticated reporting functionality enables you to keep an eye on learner progress as they work their way through the training pathway.